Give trusted customers different payment options

02 March 2023
Intended audience: store owner

You can now give trusted customers the option to 'pay on delivery' and insist everyone else pays with a card.

Or do it the other way round and let everyone 'pay on delivery' and block untrusted customers thereby forcing them to pay with a card.

Cash settings in delivery schemes and customer

'Pay on delivery' means...

'Pay on delivery', often referred to as 'cash', simply means the customer doesn't give you their card details at checkout and therefore you will get payment from them by another method outside of your FoodCommerce online shop. This could be cash, bank transfer, direct debit, cryto-currency, whatever; it's entirely up to you. Typically you would change the wording on your checkout page to reflect the payment options available to your trusted customers.

New delivery scheme cash settings

  • Disabled - cash payments not allowed for anyone.
  • Enabled for everyone - cash payments allowed for everyone unless they have been flagged as 'blocked'.
  • Enabled for trusted customers only - cash payments only allowed for customers who have been flagged as 'trusted'.

New customer cash settings

  • Normal - customer can pay by cash if it is allowed on the delivery scheme.
  • Trusted - customer can pay by cash if it is allowed on the delivery scheme OR just trusted customers are allowed to pay by cash on the delivery scheme.
  • Blocked - customer can never pay by cash.

Tony Fear
Tony Fear