Removing the default footer from your emails

12 March 2017

When you send out an email with Online Connector it automatically adds a default footer. It does this to ensure you stay legal. You can, however, choose not to have this footer and instead have a custom footer of your own.

The default footer

Default online Connector footer

This is the default footer that would automatically get appended to the end of my emails.

Adding your own custom footer

  1. Put your custom footer in a component at the end of your email and include an unsubscribe link.
    Custom email footer

  2. Including the unsubscribe link.
    Inserting an unsubscribe link

  3. Check the "remove default footer" box when you save the email.
    Save dialogue box

Note that for the "remove default footer" checkbox to be available you must include an unsubscribe link somewhere in your email.

Tony Fear
Tony Fear